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Awarded as member of Oranje Nassau on Ameland April 29th 2005

Theo Kiewiet has devoted himself since 1983 in the area of development co-operation, nature, religious and social work. He has set up many projects in Asia and Africa, where structural aid is given in the villages Killpennathur, Marathalli in South India, in the Kaski district in Nepal and in the sub-location Munganga in West Kenia. For this work Kiewiet has funded a foundation and organized many activities.

Also he is the founder of the Nature Workgroup Ameland, next to that he was five years member of the Interdenominational Commission “Church in the Recreation’, four years member of the Village Council Buren and three years consul of the Football Union ‘Geel Wit’. He devoted himself for the completion of the Dictionary of Ameland, for the Fair-trade World-shop in Roosendaal NL and for the homeless in London.

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