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Famine avoided in Kenya 2005

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Dear reader,

This year 2005 there has been worked hard for the projects for underprivileged in Nepal, India and Kenya. And that was possible through your gifts. On behalf of these assisted people the foundation-board members want to thank you very much.

No famine, but water-wells
Through a long and extreme drought in 2004/2005 there was famine in Kenya, Bulechia.
We could stop that, trough CORDAID, churches from Ameland and private donations.
Via the Foundation and the Pioneer Self Help Group Bulechia there has been offered work; maintenance on the roads in exchange for food. This was a success, the roads are cleared and a famine has been avoided.

To stop the food-scarcity during long dry spells, there has been set up a plan, to make villagers more self-sufficient. With water from wells women can irrigate their land. At Easter 2005 in the St. Clemens parish-church there has been a collection for water-wells. The Vastenactie, part of CORDIAD has improved the profit to 2000 euro and made available for the Water-well project in the village Bulechia in West Kenya.

The Parish Caritas, the Parish council, the Vastenactie (Cordaid) and the foundation Development Work Theo Kiewiet have worked closely together to make the villagers of Bulechia more self-sufficient in a effective and efficient way. One well costs about 200 euro, with that a hamlet can get water for washing, drinking and for irrigation especially in the dry season.

Cordaid 3.500
Parish Caritas Ameland 1.000
Baptist Church Ameland 175
Private donations 1.635
Donations via internet 690
Vastenactie (Cordaid) 2.000
Total 9.000 euro

210 bags maize at 20 euro 4.200
70 bags beans at 24 euro 1.680
30 bags sugar at 30 euro 900
Executioncosts Netherlands 25
Executioncosts Kenya 195
10 Water-wells 2.000
Total 9.000 euro

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