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In 2004 there was heavy weather in Kenya and there was a lot of destruction. After that only drought governed and people ran out of food supplies. Prizes went up and self-sufficient farmers were suffering lacking sufficient food.

From November 2004 to Aril 2005 the famine will be the most urgent in Kenya. In the project-village Bulechia (Butere/Mumias district), where the foundation Ontwikkelingswerk Theo kiewiet works, is the lack of food estimated to an amount of seven thousand euro.
The foundation tries together with the Pioneer Self Help Group Bulechia, to set up a Food for Work Program. The villagers can get food by improving the local roads who were damaged bij the heavy rains of before the drought.

For this Food for Work Program the foundation hopes for gifts from churches and privet persons. The Pioneer Self Help Group Bulechia has representatives, leaders and elders from the village. They will together with the project-leader Enos Matangwe work out the plan to repair the roads. All adults who are not sick and can help, can earn food for their families. The needed amount of food is estimated by Enos Matange as 210 bags of maize, 70 bags of beans and 30 bags of sugar. The prizes will raise soon during the coming months.

The fundraising plan is:
1. Request to private persons via web-site and articles.
2. Request to churches.
3. Using a small destination-reserve of the foundation.
With this we hope to collect 3500 euro. The Frontdesk of Dutch NGO CORDAID will be requested to double the result of the Action to 7000 euro.
We will know this in December 2004.

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