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Nepal is a Mountain kingdom. Its 42% people are living in extreme poor level. As people do not have opportunity for job, they have to rely on only in farming to live and sustain the family. Due to lack of education, the population growth is very high as a result the cultivated land is used for housing and divided into small pieces to every family member.

As the few generation passed away, the division of land, rendered people land less which has caused great difficulties to continue the family life. In such situation, people have no saving for their health, education and other essential things, they only have to struggle for ends meet doing some labor work. Some family who are living near by the community forest, started to smuggle the firewood illegally to the plain area where they can sell it.

Same thing is happening in Lekhnath-11, Pachbhaiya, Kaski, which has threatened the community forest very much. If such situation persists, all the community forest would be destroyed. The local community is trying to prevent such illegal smuggling of forest stockings, however, it couldn’t be effective as they have no other source of income. Now the time has come to find alternative source of income to prevent the forest before completely destroyed.

Mainly the men go for labor and women have to look after home and children. Looking for cheap, reliable, suitable type of alternative which can be handled by women staying at home, Goat Exchange Scheme is found. To initiate this scheme, a group would be formed consisting all targeted family. Under this scheme, every house will get some loan for goat farming. In case of some misbehavior of some family all the group would be responsible.

Every family will get a matured goat with two young lambs have to returned back the a matured goat with two young lambs with in two years. A part from this every family will get some loan to make shed for keeping the goats at night. Every family will get orientation training from professional veterinary workers regarding goat keeping.

This scheme would be started at first in Lekhnath-11, Kimbesi, Kaski. At initial stage 26 families would included under this scheme. The tenure will be for two years. After the completion of this program, it will be extended to Simaldanda and Ekantakuna of Lekhnath-11.

At first, a women group would be formed consisting a member of each family. It will determine all rules and regulations with the help of SEED Foundation and community forest users’ committee. As all possible members of this women group are the members of community forest committee, this program would be more effective from the involvement of the community forest committee that can play prominent role for the preservation of forest discouraging illegal smuggling of woods.

Each members of this women group will get orientation training about goat keeping from experience goat keepers and veterinary doctors. This training can give knowledge about the care of goats for these beneficiaries. After training, goats are distributed to every member.

There will be agreement with every individual mentioning the terms and conditions about the care of goats and system of pay back. In fact this scheme is goat exchange program, under which every member who gets the goats, have to return back the same weight of goats or same costs of it with in two years.
During the monsoon, every member will get small plants which are good fodder for goats to plant around their surroundings. There will be provision of supervision by veterinary doctors every two months to check the health and the condition of these goats. In order to get high breed lambs, a good Billy goat ( male goat ) will be provided among all. The care of the Billy goat will be discussed with the beneficiaries.

Budget estimation
Particulars Amount
Costs for goats 91,000.00 Rs 3,500 per goat for 26 families.
Orientation training costs 10,000.00
Insurance 8,000.00
Cost for Billy goat 5,000.00
Cost for fodder plants 3,000.00
Carrying costs of goats 3,000.00
Supervision cost 24,000.00 per month Rs 1,000.00 for two year
Total costs 144,000.00

In case of some causalities at some families with goats there will be some provisions of insurance so that the victim can start again with goat keeping. For this purpose certain amount Rs 8,000 will be given as seed money and all beneficiaries collect Rs 20 per month and add to the seed money. This leads the saving out of their income. This collection continue for five years. During the project period in case of some unexpected happened with goats, such family will get compensation as per rules and regulations formulated with the discussion of beneficiaries. At the end of five year, the balanced money can be used on community development sector as per priority distinguished by the beneficiaries.


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