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In all project villages of the Foundation Development Work Theo Kiewiet, free healthcare is being prevented for a serious sick and disabled people.
On average there are ten patients per year, who get help for an operation, medicine, expedients or treatment. Several children in India and Nepal with an open lip (schisis) have been operated successful . Several patients from Kenya and Nepal have been operated against their blindness, they can see again. Disabled children in India and Nepal got expedients to be more mobile. Many children and adults with broken bones are being treated and sicknesses of more complicated nature have been helped with success.

The healthcare continues to be available for extreme cases in the project villages and surroundings in Nepal, Kenya and India. The costs are provided through incidental private gifts, for instance via birthday party collections.
For all children in Bulechia and surrounding we have planed preventive healthcare. All children get a mosquito-net against malaria and medicine for de-worming (bilharzia, gut- and skin-worms) and multivitamin for a good condition at school. This is be financed by a private donation and a money collection.

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