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History Foundation Ontwikkelingswerk (Development-work) Theo Kiewiet.
After a world-trip of half a year in 1988-1989 through Asia and Africa, Theo made his first contacts, from which the development projects originated.

Francis Saleslar in India:
In Marathalli near Bangalore Theo met the family of Francis and in 1989 the first sponsor-project was set up, to avoid excessive child labour. The first 15 children from underprivileged families got guarantee for education from January 1st 1990 onwards.
This is how it started.
Slowly but steady more children came in the project up to 30 now. Several children have finalized their education and one of the girls got her degree in economy studies.
At first Theo organized this alone, but when he left for England, to prepare for an full time mission work, on Ameland a workgroup of volunteers was formated.
From 1994 till 1996 Theo lived two years in India and Kenya. In that time he lived with the poor and started the basis of what the foundation is doing now.

Some year there were project in Uttar Pradesh, West Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. In the first two places the projects did not get viability. In Killpennathur, Tamil Nadu we work for ten families (education for children) and we build houses for widows and homeless families. In India we work in two villages: Marathalli (Karnataka) and Killpennathur (Tamil Nadu). Next to the education-projects there is awareness for healthcare. Serious sick and disabled can ask for help when there is need. Also micro-credits can be granted for house building. Francis leads the projects with assistance of some family members.

Damodar Thapa in Nepal:
In Pachbhaiya Theo met project leader Damodar in 1989 in Nepal. But only in 1999 the first development project was started in West Nepal. In the mean time Damodar has done his accountancy study and raised a family. In 1994 Damodar and Theo have conquered the legendary Thorung pas of 5316 meters, part of the Annapurna round trek.
From january 2000 the development went fast. In 5 years the education sponsor project expanded up to 40 families, who get assistance for education guarantees. There are projects for bio-gas, goats, school-building and healthcare. In the meantime Damodar has funded our Nepalese partner-foudation, the SEED Foundation Kaski and there was an emergency aid action for the victims of landslides and repair of the damage.

Damodar Thapa in Nepal with wife and children

Enos Matange in Kenya:
In 1995 Theo came for the first time in East Africa. There he walked (!) across Kenya from Mombasa to Kampala in Uganda. During this walk he met Enos Matangwe, with whom he started the first development-work in 1997 in Enos’ village of birth Bulechia and surroundings. In West Kenya there are 39 children assisted for guarantee on education. There are project for cows, water-wells, irrigation, healthcare, micro-credits, schoolbuilding, HIV/Aids awareness and orphans. Enos has followed an accountancy study and has a full time job on the projects like Damodar. In 2004/2005 a famine is avoided in Enos’ village through a successful Food for Work Program.

Start of the foundation
At Janaury 2nd 2002 it was time to become an official corporation, because the work expanded more and more. The workgroup changed into a foundation, which immediately started with successful fund raising to improve the financial position, because there were some debts. Since then there has been a build on destination reserve of €5000, which can be used immediately in case of calamities. In 2004 the great Asia Action manifestation has been held on Ameland. With this action the foundation work has increased ten times. Later an Africa Action manifestation is planned.

Home-base Ameland
The work and the projects have their roots on Ameland and from there it spreads all over the world. Next to Kenya, India and Nepal there have been activities and sponsoring for students from Sumatra and Congo, Kinshasa. With the last mentioned country there is still connection via journalist Antoine Lokongo.


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