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Stichting Ontwikkelingswerk (Foundation Development Work) Theo Kiewiet

Dear reader, sponsor. What did we do in reducing poverty to make the underprivileged in Asia and Africa more self-sufficient?

· We raised more than 100.000 euro, most of it via the Asia Action Ameland.
· There are more than 80 sponsors now who give 105 children guarantee on education and help the their family above the poverty-line.
· In Kenya there is a famine avoided in the village Bulechia, via the Food for Work Program.
· There have been build 15 schools in Nepal and 10 more are being built.
· There are 8 seriously sick people cured in Nepal, India and Kenya.
· Two homeless families in India got a house.
· Ten farmer families in Nepal got a bio-gas plant for free cooking.
· Twenty-six families in Nepal got a goat for income generating activities.
· After a renovation in Nepal twelve families got running water near their homes.
· In Kenya 10 neighborhoods got a water-well.
· Via a co-operative fundraising with the Health & Happiness Foundation, they could help many tsunami victims for emergency-aid, houses, boats and medication.
· Two Nepalese lakes have been cleaned for tourist and fishery purpose.

In 2004 there is, specially via the Asia Action Ameland, collected a lot, in 2005 many promises are realized and in 2006 it will be accomplished.

In which way we like to work on:
- fundraising for non-profit Goals from Ameland
- execute small scale ‘grass-root’ level projects in Asia and Africa
- project-execution only through direct contacts and reliable partners
- trying to reach a maximum level of self-sufficiency in the project villages
- working with the largest possible transparency, efficiency and effectiveness
- focussing on consciousness of the need of poverty-reduction
- free enrolment on basis of advertising by word of mouth
- keeping contact with the media, specific towards actions and projects
- work without staff expenditures, 100% non profit, through volunteers only
- rewards only within the execution-costs of 5-9% of the projects on the spot
- execution-costs in the Netherlands maximum 1%

Via this unique way of working, we invite you to keep supporting us. We thank all sponsors for your donations, on behalf of the children, women and underprivileged in Asia and Africa.


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