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What is special about our method to assist underprivileged children?

1. We, the foundation-board, and many volunteers with us, guarantee education for children in India, Kenya and Nepal for only 33 eurocent per day, that is € 10 per month. It is possible to it so cheap, because we do everything non profit, 100% of the gifts go to the project.

2. Less than 1% of the money stays in the Netherlands, these are the bank costs, to transfer the money to these countries. Unfortunately we cannot avoid that, so 99% of the gifts are spend on the spot in the project villages.

3. In Kenya, India and Nepal the project is arranged by volunteers, their expense allowance (for distribution, administration and travel-costs) only amount to 50 to 90 eurocents of the monthly sponsor gift, this is about 7%. About 93% of the monthly gift arrives at the mothers of the child.

4. To be unaffected by currency fluctuations we keep a margin; now it is more than 25%, due to the high level of the euro currency. The saved amount the child will get when it has to make high costs, for example to make the step to secondary school or university or to make the step into society easier. The saved amount is annually counted and added, so that all sponsor-money will be spend for the child.

5. The foundation exists only by volunteers, practical idealists: we put our own money into it, for example to visit at the spot and check and verify. Journey, meeting, administration and execution-costs do not exist in the expenditure budget. There are no enrolment-costs (due to mouth to mouth publicity), no staff expenditures, no grabbing management etc. We work to a maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

6. With sponsoring of 33 eurocent per day we can raise children form underpriviliges families above the poverty-line. (And a poverty line in Africa or Asia is something very different than for example in Western Europe.) The children get clothing, books, pens, school-fees, footwear, and extra money for the daily quality food.

7. Our local volunteering project-leaders at the spot, these are Enos Matange in Kenya, Damodar Thapa in Nepal and Francis Saleslar in India, make every two months a report of the results, including a signature-list of the mothers, for the received sponsor-money and a financial justification: the bank and cashbook in which the income and expenditures are justified up to the last shilling or roupee. During every visit of a delegation of the foundation-board to the project villages in Africa and Asia all is being checked and verified that all has reached and spend well.

8. The benefactors in the Netherlands get, next to the annual newsletter, every year the reached results send home: how do the children do on school, how and what for is the money spend. Also do they get a photo of the sponsored child once in every three years. The benefactors are always informed about the situation of the child. When there is something special, this will be informed personally. Ahead on sponsoring bio-data and photo’s are given. There shall be cared for the best possible transparency, on the web-site as well as through other communication.

9. All benefactors are most welcome to visit the sponsored child at the spot. Also communication by post with the family is possible. Communication can go via the projectleader, or if the child has learned sufficient English, direct to them.

10. A child will mostly be sponsored by the time it has completed education. Discontinuation, through which reason ever, is always possible, but we like to see that sponsors ‘take’ another child, after completing or graduating of the first child. The children are stimulated to their talents, to complete their training, at least up to the age of about 18 years.

11. The projects are primary focussed on poverty-reduction; the families in case mostly have to survive on less than one euro a day. With our sponsoring their income sometimes improves by 25 –50%. Within our goal are also the avoidance of excessive child-labour, child-prostitution and malnutrition, with an eye on the welfare and finally the self-sufficiency of about 100 families.

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