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At Easter 2005 there has been a collection of 1200 euro in the Saint Clemens Church on Ameland for water-wells in Bulechia, Kenya. With this action aid the water-well project in Kenya could be financed through the Foundation ‘Development-work Theo Kiewiet’. Vastenactie, part of NGO Cordaid will improve the aid up to 2000 euro. The agreement of the water-well project has been realized through the Front Desk of Cordaid.

Target group of the water-well project:
The underprivileged people of Bulechia who are not able to sustain themselves through long droughts without food aid.
Activity: the project will provide ten water-wells for the local people. The Pioneer Self Help Group Bulechia under supervision of Enos Sikoyo Matangwe executes the work for the project. This group representatives from the village select the position of the wells in co-operation with the local people. After agreement the involved villagers dig the wells as a group, with assistance of specialists. The material, execution-costs and special labor will be financed form the project aid, in return for the labor. Specialist are invited and their rewards are paid via the project. The Execution costs are about 5% of the budget.

Making the underprivileged villagers self reliant trough the effect of executing ten water-wells in ten hamlets and make irrigation possible for growing crops during dry season, at least sufficient for own use and stimulation for more production at the own market.

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